Sat 23rd June , 2018 at ETC from 11am to 1pm


SUBJECT: Financial matters and Strategic Planning


Remember the successful breakfast meeting we held at Gowrie Park a couple of years ago.

Your SMC now feel it is time to have another session where all members and Clubs can have an open discussion as to how best the SMC can support members and Clubs with financial and any other matters.

Topics for discussion include--

1. The rising cost of Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for Teera, Clubs and members are high on the concerned list and AERA are continually negotiating with insurance companies for our best outcome. To offset these costs some fees are now charged by event rather than once per year ie user pay.

2. Where do your membership fees go???

3. What benefits do you get for your membership payments???  Can these be reduced???

4. How much does Teera subsidise riders or Clubs at the moment?

5. How best to utilise Teera accumulated funds??? Suggestions of porta-loos, ride trailer

6.  Annual awards--- What do members want and how much to spend??

7.  On-line /Direct banking. Teera have progressed with this and Roger has done a great job to get it up and running. Open for questions etc


Please advise Teera Secretary of other matters you would like discussed so an agenda can produced prior to the meeting.


Pat Hodgetts,


Electronic Timing Equipment Training

President Wendy Rand has given notice of training in the use of the new electronic timing equipment.

"There will be a practice day for the electric timming at Tony Perry's place at Sassafras on the Saturday 24th March. Any body interested in learning how to use this equipment are welcome to come along.More the merrier😊
Would be great to see some of the younger members c ome along and learn how to set up and use this equipment. Any enquiries please feel free to contact me😊 10 am start

Wendy Rand

Tony's address is 7648 Bass Highway. Entry approx. 100 metres the Deloraine side of Smith and Others Rd.

2017 TEERA Points & Distance Awards


Rebel Impact - 484km Heavyweight Distance Horse - Winner

Free Spirit Czar - 404km Heavyweight Distance Horse - Runner Up

Craig Wilson - 484km Heavyweight Distance Rider - Winner

Robbie Walsh - 404km Heavyweight Distance Rider - Runner Up

Free Spirit Czar - 29 points Heavyweight Points Horse - Winner

Rebel Impact - 28 points Heavyweight Points Horse - Runner Up

Robbie Walsh - 29 points Heavyweight Points Rider - Winner

Rebel Impact - 28 points Heavyweight Points Rider - Runner Up


Cruise GT - 659km Middleweight Distance Horse - Winner

Wongawol Legend - 644 km Middleweight Distance Horse - Runner Up

Kaye Mitchell - 1040km Middleweight Distance Rider - Winner

Debbie Grull - 884km Middleweight Distance Rider - Runner Up

Wongawol Legend - 52.5km Middleweight Points Horse - Winner

Beer Street Willis - 38.5km Middleweight Points Horse - Runner Up

Tara Nicklason - 65 points Middleweight Points Rider - Winner

Kaye Mitchell - 64 points Middleweight Points Rider - Runner Up


Beaucheval Akhiran - 800km Lightweight Distance Horse - Winner

Razorback Silver Wings - 484km Lightweight Distance Horse - Runner Up

Angela Hawks - 1200km Lightweight Distance Rider - Winner

Trish Smith - 800km Lightweight Distance Rider - Runner Up

Beaucheval Akhiran - 44.5 points Lightweight Points Horse - Winner

Razorback Silver Wings - 41 points Lightweight Points Horse - Runner Up

Angela Hawks - 67.5km Lightweight Points Rider - Winner

Shannon Hill - 48.25km Lightweight Points Rider - Runner Up


Rocky - 644km Junior Distance Horse - Winner

Zane - 640km Junior Distance Horse - Runner Up

Kirstie Lockhart - 1044km Junior Distance Rider - Winner

Jaz Hutchins - 884km Junior Distance Rider - Runner Up

Zane - 52 points Junior Points Horse - Winner

Rocky - 41.75 points Junior Points Horse - Runner Up

Kirstie Lockhart - 80 points Junior Distance Points - Winner

Jaz Hutchins - 57.5 points Junior Distance Points - Runner Up

100% Completion

Tara Nicklason - Wongawol Legend 100% Completion - 644km

Kaye Mitchell - Beer Street Willis 100% Completion - 560km

Kirstie Lockhart - Zane 100% Completion - 640km

Notes from TEERA AGM & SMC meetings 3 Feb 2018

  1. Election of  5 members for 2 year term of SMC. Successful candidates are Tania Jago, Jill Hawks, Kellie Woodhouse, Roger Nichols, Raelene Smith
  2. SMC members on second term are Wendy Rand, Pat Lamprey, Pat Hodgetts, Greg Henry, Diana Carrol.
  3. Office Bearers for 2018;
    President : Wendy Rand
    Vice/Pres : Raelene Smith
    Treasurer: Roger Nichols
    Secretary : Pat Hodgetts
    Minute Sec: Jill Hawks
    Log Books : Jill Hawks
    Membership: Pat Lamprey
    AERA Reps :  Pat Hodgetts and Jill Hawks
    Insurance :  Greg Henry
    Registrar in Training: Diana Carrol
    Horse Welfare: Pat Hodgetts
    Publicity: Tania Jago, Kellie Woodhouse
  1. Motion 1 amended to read “ Every club be encouraged to nominate a SMC representative to sit on the committee each year “  Motion passed
  2. Motion 2 . Amended to read “That TEERA explore the possibility of utilizing electronic voting system that enables members to vote at annual SMC elections” Motion passed.
  3. Motions 3 and 4 . Passed
  4. 160km Qualifying rides for 2018 - SMC would like to know  before 17th March how many Tas riders still need to qualify for TQ18.  At the moment there is only one Tasmanian 160km ride (in June) prior to the Quilty  If sufficient numbers we will require  a club willing to host an additional event .This will not be at the Easter Marathon.
  5. State Championships - Scheduled to be held at Sassafras in June.  As an alternative the SMC ask for expression of interest from any club willing to host this event after the Quilty.
  6. Electronic Banking and Direct Debit - Soon to be an option.
  7. Training day for Electronic Timing System - Interested persons are invited to attend a set up and operation session at Sassafras early March. Date to be advised.
  8. New Rules for 2018 -These are on the website
  9. Early Warning points for 40km horses and riders - These are included in rules for 2018.
  10. Biosecurity and Temperature Logs - Needs to be consistency across all rides regarding protocols for collection of paperwork. Separate article.
  11. Club incorporation - Reminder to ensure annual fees are paid to Dept of Justice, Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading or you risk being de-registered as an incorporated Club.
  12. Day membership for 20km Riders - In line with other States it is now a requirement that all 20km riders take out Day membership if not already a full TEERA member.

TPR Course

TEERA members are invited to attend a TPR (temperature, pulse and respiration) course on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 10:00am. Endurance vet, Debbie Grull, will present the course, which will take around 2 hours. Morning tea provided.


Notes from Teera Meeting 11th Oct 2017

  1. Black Bluff ride 18th Nov has been cancelled BUT has been replaced by a BEER ride the following weekend on Sat 25th Nov. More details later.

  2. The annual award dinner to be held at Penguin on 9th December.

  3. Nominations for 2018 TEERA committee close on 30th November. Forms available soon.

  4. Next TEERA meeting 8th Nov at Latrobe

  5. People interested in learning how to set-up and operate our new electronic timing system are asked to contact secretary Pat Hodgetts or any committee member.

Biosecurity requirements for Tasmanian State Championships/TQ18 trial ride - Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October 2017

TEERA are implementing the same level of biosecurity as for the recent TQ17 ride.

In summary:

1.  If travelling from a non-Hendra risk area you are required to complete a 10 day Temp Log and Horse Health Declaration

2.  If travelling from a Hendra risk area and your horse is HEV vaccinated you need to supply a current vaccination certificate and complete the 10 day Temp Log and Horse Health declaration.

 3. If travelling from a Hendra high risk area and your horse is notHEV vaccinated your horseneeds to be out of the Hendra high risk area for a minimum of 28 days.

 In addition you are required to

 - contact Dr Pat Hodgetts ( pat.hodgetts before5th Sept 2017and complete

-a quarantineand location declaration

-the 28 day quarantine Temp Log and Horse Health declaration commencing the day the horse arrives at the quarantine location outside of the Hendra risk zone


Jolly Lette Memorial, Santarena Park - 26 August

NTARC Safety Communications Team will be providing safety communications for this event. We will have RFID readers at the Start/Finish line and a remote checkpoint reader at Checkpoint 1 of Leg 1. Both the 40Km & 80Km riders will be using this leg.

For those riders that have RFID tags please bring them to the ride. Competitors that do not have tags please report to the Comms Trailer near the Canteen and we will issue you with a tag.

Thank you from the NTARC Safety Communications Team.

Notes from TEERA meeting of 9 August 2017

1.Temperature Logs and Biosecurity Process

a) The SMC will do a risk assessment for each ride and determine the level of biosecurity required for that particular ride.

b) The ride organisers will appoint a biosecurity officer. This does not have to be a CS or veterinarian. However any irregularities with temp logsor biosecurity matters are to be referred to CS or HV and resolved before the horses can enter the ride base.

c) Paperwork for Horse Health declaration and temp logs are to be signed by the trainer/responsible person and collected by the biosecurity officer at the gate entrance to the ride base. One form per horse.

d) It may be necessary to set the hours that the biosecurity checkpoint will be operating and perhaps make arrangements for very early or very late arrivals, for the biosecurity manager to be present at the gate.

e) The collected Horse Health declarations and temp logsmay befurther inspected by the HV and CS team.

f) The ride organisers to provide antibacterial gels and wipes for the vet ring

g) These biosecurity measures apply to all horses entering a ride base including the 5km and smaller rides.

Ride dates for 2018
Clubs are reminded to submit their proposed dates for rides for 2018 by 1st September.

There is a form in the forms section on the Teera website. Please include the appropriate affiliation fees.

SMC Meetings
The regular Teera SMC meetings are now held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Email address for
This email address has now been redirected to the 2017 secretary ( Pat H ). SMC for 2017  believe that, due to technical problems, this email address had been cancelled some time ago. Recentlythe SMC became aware that this email address was still active so any correspondence sentto this address in the last few years may not have been getting through to the SMC. The Teera SMC apologise for not being able to address any matters raised via this address.

Weight Division for rider
Ride organisers and ride secretaries are reminded that the weight division for riders must be declared at time of entry and not altered during the course of the ride.

Biosecurity in Vet Ring
Ride organisers are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide antibacterial gel, hand wash and/or wipes for use by CS, TPR's and Vets in the vet ring. Previously these have been in the '”ride bag” but have not been returned.

Riders may bring their own thermometer for use at pre-ride vetting.

10,000km scrolls
SMC are aiming to present these in December at the annual dinner. Individuals who are eligible are required to apply to National Distance Registrar- Jo Bailey.  Jo has been experiencing issues with email address so has advised that all requests should be directed to her personal address .The listof those eligible as created last year includes the following riders. Angela Hawkes,Tony Purton,Audrey Gardam, Tanya Jago, Kaye Mitchell, Janine Parr, Claude F ,Noel Lockhart, Trish Smith, Anne Richards, Heather Johnston. Recent addition Debbie Grull.

There maybe several others – it is up to you to apply.