Wanted: Chief Stewards

Interested in becoming a Chief Steward? Read on.

There are currently only 5 active Chief Stewards in Tasmania: Pat Lamprey, Helen Bowkett, Greg Johnson, Denise Williams and Mark Dunn. Of these, three are still actively riding. None of them are (ahem) young.

There have been rides recently where there has only been one Chief Steward available to oversee the ride.

No Chief Steward = No Ride.

To try and ensure Tasmania does not find itself in a position where rides can't be run due to lack of a Chief Steward, a push is underway by TEERA to identify suitable candidates for Chief Steward and put them through the accreditation process. A high level of assistance and mentoring will be provided.

What do you need to do to get accredited as a Chief Steward?

  • Be a TEERA member and be 18 years of age or over
  • Be an active, accredited TPR
  • Possess suitable interpersonal skills
  • Submit an application detailing your endurance experience (riding, organising, officiating)
  • Sit a preliminary written exam - this is 'open book' with all answers obtainable from the rule book.
  • Act as Assistant Chief Steward at three rides
  • Undergo an oral exam where 21 ride scenarios are discussed - you get these in advance.

So far so good?

If you'd like to have a chat about this please come and see me at an upcoming ride (I will be at Kimberley and hope to be at all of the other rides in 2016 too) or email me for my phone number.

Please give this serious consideration.

As you all know, riding is a very satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

So is Chief Stewarding.

- Mark Dunn