Having another go.

Last month the TEERA SMC tried to bring on board some more resources to move TEERA in the direction voiced by a small number of members. So far, very little has been achieved. Only one member has put up her hand. That could be because most members are happy for things to continue as they are or because we didn’t shout loud enough. So, here’s a second shout.

The information hasn’t changed. It was published here about a month ago. The bones of it is that we wish to set up some sub-committees to move things forward, in the direction some have said we should be going and the SMC agrees it would be good to go. To do so needs ideas and work. Your elected SMC is fully engaged, to different levels depending on personal circumstances, keeping your business on the rails. We understand that other members are giving all the time they have for endurance riding, by making rides happen for others to enjoy.

There must be others who could spare some time to help in moving Tasmanian endurance riding in the right direction. We need to hear from members interested in finding the best track and coming up with a way along it, especially looking at:

1. Development of a TEERA Mission Statement and
1 and 5 year goals
2. Annual Dinner
3. Awards
4. Youth Development Program
5. TEERA teams
6. Storage, maintenance and transport of ride equipment

Your TEERA Secretary (along with lots of other jobs), Pat Hodgetts is waiting to hear from you, saying you are available and which of the above is of interest. Time is running short for some of these issues.

Whilst we’re at it, we also asked that those with either a first aid ticket or a chain saw licence let the web master know. That’s so ride organisers will know they have resources available if needed. The response so far has been only from SMC members.

Contact details for Secretary and Webmaster are available on the Contacts page..

I look forward to hearing of your interest.

Wendy Rand
TEERA President