Gordon Williams Memorial Endurance Ride
Black Bluff Riders Inc.
Upper Castra, 2019-March 16


Distance Start Time Cost
80km 07:00 $80
40km 08:00 $50
20km 08:30 $30
  • PRE-RIDE VETTING Friday afternoon - 80km and 40km from 16:00 until 20:00
  • PRE-RIDE VETTING Saturday morning - 80km from 06:00 to 06:30, 40km and 20km 06:00 until 07:30
  • BRIEFINGS 80km Saturday morning 06:30, 40km 07:30, 20km 08:00


  • Just a reminder that people who are not yet TEERA members and are planning to do a 20km or 40km ride MUST take out day membership BEFORE the ride. The relevant form is available here
  • Also all riders MUST present a completed 3 day Horse Health Declaration on arrival at the ride base. If you arrive without this you will not be allowed onto the ride base and will not be allowed to ride. In effect this requires you to take and record your horses temperature for three days before the ride. The relevant form is available here
  • Ride base and Biosecurity gate opens 14:00 to 20:00 Friday and 05:45 to 07:30 Saturday
  • 80km ride - two loops of 40km track
  • 40km ride - one loop
  • 20km ride - follow arrows - information will be provided at the briefing
  • Water available
  • Dogs on a leash
  • NO SMOKING on track
  • NO CANTEEN AT THIS STAGE Will advise later if avaialable.


  • Online entries will close Tuesday March 12
  • Please use the online entry-from below
  • Alternatively, phone entries to Lyn Nicolle:
    • 03 6429 1338


  • Ride base is at Linda and David Pilgrim's propery, Castra Rd, Upper Castra
  • Click on the red map pin below to get directions via Google Maps, or zoom in for more detail.


Before entering, please make sure you have read and understood the recent rule changes requiring a Horse Trainer's Declaration with each entry.
This recent post on the news page dealt explained what is now required.