TEERA Child Protection Policy - DRAFT - Member Consultation

Present day standards require that organisations involving children have a child protection policy. TEERA SMC has sought guidance from several bodies, settling primarily on Play by the Rules.

Play by the Rules is a collaboration between Sport Australia, the Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation, and other government agencies. A TEERA SMC member has completed the course ‘PBTR - Child Protection’.

TEERA has now developed a draft Child Protection Policy and is seeking feedback from members.

The draft Policy is available here.

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the draft Policy and provide any feedback here.


TPR Stewards

TEERA is currently working to tidy up its TPR database. There are approximately 50 accredited TPRs and approximately 50 probationary TPRs in the database. These are all listed on this website at the link below. If you are a TPR, accredited or not, we’d be grateful if you could have a look at the list and let our TPR co-ordinator Mark Dunn (markdunn1@netspace.net.au) know if you can see any errors - i.e. if your name is on the wrong list, if your name isn't there and it should be or, vice versa, if you'd like your name removed from the list.

TPR Stewards list accredited Probationary


It has become necessary to change how riders who are not full members enter a ride – usually known as Day Membership.

This is an AERA requirement, to fit in with the accounting system. It will bring TEERA in line with all other D.A.s

The new protocols will be in place in time for the next ride – the Jolly Lette Memorial at Santarena Park on 24th August 2019.

In summary, to enter a ride a non-member will need to:

1.       Complete a reduced Day Membership application form – primarily the waiver signed by full members. This form can be downloaded and completed in advance (preferable) or at the ride.

2.       Complete the on-line Ride Entry or enter by phone.

3.       Present at the ride as now but with the completed form and the ‘Day membership’ fee, in addition to the ROC’s ride fee, as cash or cheque.

The fee will be $20 for all Day Riders, adult and junior.  The $20 will not be redeemable against later full membership. (Anybody who has already paid the current ‘Day Member’ fee and not yet redeemed it will be able have full membership at the reduced charge).

The $20 will cover the necessary public liability insurance and contribute to the significant overheads incurred by TEERA, as do full members through their annual payment.

The ROC will report the number of Day Riders on the revised Ride Returns form and forward the collected Day Rider payments along with other Ride Returns.


The Dangerous Activity Acknowledgment & Waiver on the Day Membership application form must also be signed by your Parent or Guardian.

The Parent/Guardian Declaration on the Ride Entry form must also be signed by your Parent or Guardian.


If your Parent/Guardian will not be at the ride you must download and have them complete AERA Form 36 - Junior Rider Parent/Guardian Declaration. This will replace the Declaration on the Ride Entry form.

Notice of T.E.E.R.A. Inc. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Tasmanian Equine Endurance Riders Association Inc. will be held at the Jill Sheehan ride base, Lamprey’s property, Smith and Others Road, Sassafras on Saturday 8th June 2019 at 6.00 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider changes to four of the Rules of the Association. The changes formalise arrangements put in place resulting from resolutions of earlier Annual General Meetings and changes in practices consistent with today’s social and commercial environment. The changes are to:

  • Rule 8 - Banking and Finance - to provide for an electronic banking option, for multiple bank accounts and recognizing the role of the Registrars.

  • Rule 13 - Notices of General Meetings - to include widely accepted means of communication and allocate the notification duty to the Secretary rather than the Public Officer.

  • Rule 23 - Election of Numbers of Committee – to  more clearly provide for a pre AGM ballot when the number of nominations exceeds the vacancies to be filled.

  • Rule 25 - Committee Meetings – to enable a convenient and cost-effective means of geographically widespread representation on the Committee.

Full details, including reasons for change and the specific changes, are available for reading and download here.

The changes should not be considered in isolation but in the context of the Rules as a whole. The Rules are here. A link to a .pdf version is available from that page.

The proposed changes are supported and recommended by your State Management Committee.

Roger Nichols - Public Officer


We’ve had queries about the allocation of dates for 2020 rides. The process is intended to be as fair as possible and, hopefully, end up with a ride program that suits the ROCs who do the enormous amount of work putting on rides.

FIrstly, look at the nominations already in. They are recorded here.

Try to choose a date not already asked for and at least two weeks separated from others. If you cannot, contact the conflicting ROC and try to come to some mutually acceptable program, being mindful of other nominations. If that is not possible, the SMC will have to decide. The date of the nomination will be a factor considered.


Forms available here

Soon after this, the 2020 program will be announced so ROCs can lock in their arrangements. Any late nominations will have to be fitted into the program where a space is available, again with at least two weeks between rides.

SMC Vacancy Filled

Soon after the AGM, Debbie Grull gave notice that she was unable to take up her position on the SMC. A decision was made, under Rule 21.7, to offer the position to the next person on the pre-AGM ballot. The Returning Officer provided the information - Trent Huxtable. Trent has accepted the appointment and attended the meeting held on 13 March. Trent brings much knowledge with him and it’s hoped that he will take up a suitable role with specific responsibilities.

21.7    If a casual vacancy occurs in the office of ordinary committee member, the committee may appoint a member of the Association to fill the vacancy until the conclusion of the annual general meeting next following the date of the appointment.

Reduced Day Membership fee for Juniors

As from 18 March 2019, the Day Membership fee for Juniors will be reduced to $15.

This brings the Adult to Junior Day membership fee ratio to about the same as for Full Membership.

The purpose of the reduction is to make that first step into endurance $20 easier.

———— TEERA SMC - working to get more bums on saddles.

AERA Annual General Meeting


 The Annual General Meeting of Australian Endurance Riders Association Incorporated will be held on Saturday 16th of March 2019 at 8.30 am at Quality Hotel Melbourne Airport, 265 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine,  Melbourne in the state of Victoria.


 1.            To confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting.

2.            To receive and consider the Management Committee’s report and the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018.

 3.            To appoint ordinary members of the Committee.

 4.            To elect office bearers of the Association.

 5.            To receive and accept nominations of honorary members.

6.            To appoint a public officer, honorary veterinarian and legal advisers as deemed relevant.

 7.            To appoint an auditor.

 8.            To transact any other business that may be brought forward in conformity with the rules of the Association.

 Please notify the Secretary if it is your intention to attend the meeting.

 By order of Management Committee

Kim Moir


23 February 2019



Full details on the new SMC will be published over the next few days. There’s much to do to bring the newbies ‘on line’. Of immediate importance, especially given the start of a membership year and rides starting in February, are arrangements for membership renewals and log books etc.

Memberships - Pat Lamprey will be taking a well deserved rest when Tara Nicklason takes over the reins once the necessary arrangements are in place. Pat has graciously offered to keep things moving until we’re sorted. So, for now, continue as before.

Logbooks - Jill Hawks will continue to look after this portfolio until the path is in place for Raelene Smith to take over. Jill will have her hands full in her new role as Secretary immediately but will guide Raelene until she is ready to take over.

More follows soon.

Planned Introduction to Endurance Day

When - 9.00 a.m. 23 February 2019

Where - Pat & Dicky Lamprey’s property, Smith & Others Road, Sassafras

Organiser and Contact - Rebecca Ainslie - 0428 286 699 (Please contact Rebecca if there’s other topics you’d like to know more on. Hang back if you have queries on arrangements. A bit more to do on these yet.)

What is to be covered

  • Type of horse and correct age

  • Training - when to start - how much - how consistent

  • What tack is appropriate

  • Saddle fitting, different saddles for demo... some relaxation techniques.

  • rugging horse and rider

  • Feeding... pre, during and post..... banned substances

  • Hoofcare, shoes or barefoot?

  • What to pack

  • Getting to camp horse declaration forms

  • Setting up appropriate yards and camp

  • Pre entry

  • Vet process

  • Pre ride briefing

  • Starting the ride

  • Etiquette during the ride

  • Across the finish

  • Strapping process

  • Vetting process post ride

  • Vetting horse possibly most common complications

  • What to have in basic first aid kit

  • Costs

  • Entry fee

  • Membership

  • Insurance

  • TEERA and AERA website info