Resources for Clubs

TEERA promotes the good governance of member clubs and will add resources to this page which may help in that regard.

TEERA will actively encourage the formation of new Tasmanian equine endurance clubs, especially in regions not already covered.

If you are considering forming a new endurance riding club and seek advice - email

There are many resources already available, so rather than reinvent the wheel, this page will include links to external resources which have been found to be of high quality or are there under relevant legislation.


In Tasmania, as is similar in all States, incorporated Associations must have Rules. These are to be registered with CBOS (Consumer, Building and Consumer Services). To make it easier to draft a set of Rules, there is template “Model Rules”, which can be adopted as they are or, more usually, adapted to the club’s needs. Rules can be changed, usually at a Special General Meeting, if the need arises. For example, technology may not have been considered for a particular purpose e.g. banking, when the Rules were first drafted. One of the changes made in the 2017 amendment to the Model Rules was to provide for electronic banking.

CBOS’s information on Incorporated Associations is available here.

Underlying the Rules is the Associations Incorporation Act 1964

Regulations associated with the Act

Guidelines on changing the Rules

Guidelines on meetings

TEERA’s Rules

are included in this web site here. The Cradle Coast Endurance Riders Inc. is the most recently form club associated with TEERA and their Rules will probably be available on request.


have produced an excellent resource for mountain biking clubs. It is almost entirely suited to endurance riding clubs. The Club page is here. Included are:

Other sources:-


QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT - Help and Support for Clubs

VOLUNTEERING AUSTRALIA - Recognising Volunteers

SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA - Guide for Volunteer Organisations

COMMUNITY CLUB TOOLKIT- Planning for the Future

COMMUNITY CLUB TOOLKIT - Succession Planning


PLAY BY THE RULES - On line courses - Child Protection - Complaints Handling -