State Champs Fundraiser Ride
Tasmanian State Championship Committee
Sassafrass, 2016-July-29..31

We are holding 160km elevated, 120km elevated, 55km & 20km rides over the Long Weekend in June.  This will be to help raise funds to hold the State Champs at the end of the year – so don’t go expecting a huge completion prize!  After all – To Complete is to Win :-)


Distance Start Time Cost
160km elevator Sat 04:00 $100
120km elevator Sat 05:00 $80
55km Sat 08:00 $55
20km Sat 13:00 $20
  • PRE-RIDE VETTING will start at about Friday 12:00 (hopefully).
  • Vetting for the entire ride will be normal vetting (TPR’s).


  • As both the 160km & 120km rides are elevators, you can opt to retire at any time after 80km without penalty.
  • NTARC will be our checkpoint operators – so timing tags will need to be placed on helmets!
  • A fabulous canteen will be run by Sassafras Primary School all weekend.
  • Best Conditioned run outs are still to be sorted – but most probably as the ride progresses (instead of Sunday morning as some riders will only just be finishing).
  • TPR’s and pencillers are needed – please put your hand up to help! Even for an hour! It makes all the difference. Also, if you would like a dryer job – weighing, time keeping etc. we will give you training :-)


  • Use the online entry-from below
  • Online entries will close Wednesday June-8th
  • Alternatively, phone entries to Pam Shadbolt 0409 423 432


  • The ride base is at Pat & Dicky Lamprey’s property, 125 Smith & Others Rd, Sassafras, Tasmania.
  • Click on the red map pin below to get directions via Google Maps, or zoom in for more detail.


Before entering, please make sure you have read and understood the recent rule changes requiring a Horse Trainer's Declaration with each entry.
This recent post on the news page dealt explained what is now required.

Leave this field empty if you are entering a ride less than 80km (or do not have a number); a number will be allocated to you on the day.
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If you are entering as a day-member, please contact Pat Lamprey (6426 7259) at least 4 days prior to the ride to organise your day-membership.
Please note that non-members can only enter rides less than 40km in length.
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All riders under 18 years must enter as Juniors. Divisions only apply to rides of 80km or further. For more information refer to section R5 of the rulebook.
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