Jill Sheean Memorial Ride

Jill Sheean Memorial Riders, Inc.
Sassafras, 2019-June-9 - Sunday

  • includes a T.E.E.R.A. Inc.
    Special General Meeting
    at 18:00 Saturday June 8
    - see NEWS page for info.


Distance Start Time Cost
80km 07:00 $70
40km 07:30 $40
20km 09:00 $20
  • GATES OPEN Saturday 09:30 for 3 day horse health declaration, unless prior arrangements are made
  • PRE-RIDE VETTING Saturday afternoon from 17:00 onwards and Sunday morning from 05:00 to 06:00


  • No dogs alloweed
  • Any offers of help from TPRs, Friday and Saturday, would be greatly appreciated
  • A canteen will be available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • General rubbish, manure and hay will need to be removed from site. Thank you for helping us keep the site clean.


  • Online entries will close Tuesday June 4
  • Please use the online entry-from below
  • Alternatively, phone entries to Pam Shadbolt:


  • Ride base is at Pat & Dicky Lamprey's property, Smith and Others Road, Sassafras.
  • Click on the map pin below to get directions via Google Maps, or zoom in for more detail.


  • A reminder that people who are not yet TEERA members and are planning to do a 20km or 40km ride MUST take out day membership BEFORE close of entries for the ride. The relevant form is available here
  • Also all riders MUST present a completed 3 day Horse Health Declaration on arrival at the ride base. If you arrive without this you will not be allowed onto the ride base and will not be allowed to ride. In effect this requires you to take and record your horses temperature for three days before the ride. The relevant form is available here
  • New riders can find lots of information here
  • You are encouraged to look at the National Rules which can be found here
  • Particular attention needs to be paid to the yarding of your horse at Ride Base -


  • 54.1 The person responsible for a horse has a duty of care to all other persons to ensure their horse(s) are contained at all times. A competent responsible person must supervise horse(s) at all times when horse(s) are in the horse yard.
  • 54.2 The preferred method of horse containment are metal yards, substantially fixed to a solid object such as a horse float, truck or permanent fence or appropriately pegged into the ground. Alternatively, electric fencing is permitted, but shall as a minimum, have 2 strands of tape, preferably white and a minimum of 1cm wide, with the top tape to be 1.2 to 1.4 metres above the ground. The posts used should be of substantial material (steel pickets) and installed so that the tape does not sag. The fence shall be energized at all times the horse is in the yard.
  • 54.3 Only one horse is permitted per enclosure.
  • 54.4 Ground tethering or the hobbling of horses is not permitted.


Before entering, please make sure you have read and understood the rule requiring a Horse Trainer's Declaration with each entry.
This post explained what is required.

Leave this field empty if you are entering a ride less than 80km (or do not have a number); a number will be allocated to you on the day.
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If you are entering as a day-member, please contact the Membership Registrar at least 4 days prior to the ride to organise your day-membership.
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All riders under 18 years must enter as Juniors. Divisions only apply to rides of 80km or further. For more information refer to section R5 of the rulebook.
Junior riders only are required to enter their birthdate. Please ensure you use the correct international date format (year-month-day).
Horse Details
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If answering Yes to this question, please contact Debbie Grull (Debra.Grull@dpipwe.tas.gov.au) for further information.
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