State Management Committee Notices

Apology to Shannon Hill

TEERA wishes to acknowledge and apologise for an error of fact in an article that appeared in the 2016 Tom Quilty Handbook. The article listed the winners of the 2015 Tasmanian State Championships but omitted to mention that Shannon Hill was equal first (with Debbie Grull) in the 160k middleweight division. This was unfortunate as Shannon's first place was her second big win in three months - she was also first across the line at the 2015 Victorian State Championships (160k).

Ride Organiser Discussions regarding costs and club viability

At the September State Management Committee meeting there was some discussion revolving around the need to consider the state-wide picture of ride organisers, some of whom are struggling to survive and continue to run their rides. It was agreed we need to organise an opportunity for representatives from each club and the SMC to meet and discuss strategies for moving forward for 2017. A democratic discussion is one that is needed, rather than anything being implemented from the SMC level.  

Club representatives have been asked to put together a rough draft of average costs they incur when running their ride and submit these to Sonia Hodgetts by Monday 24 October. TEERA will be putting on a hot breakfast and holding a breakfast meeting on the Sunday after Oss Foley – 8.30AM, 6 NOVEMBER 2016. We have asked for at least two representatives from each club to attend this meeting and have already received a number of submissions from clubs. Other interested members are more than welcome to attend. For catering purposes, please contact Sonia if you would like to attend: 0438 810 719