Sat 23rd June , 2018 at ETC from 11am to 1pm


SUBJECT: Financial matters and Strategic Planning


Remember the successful breakfast meeting we held at Gowrie Park a couple of years ago.

Your SMC now feel it is time to have another session where all members and Clubs can have an open discussion as to how best the SMC can support members and Clubs with financial and any other matters.

Topics for discussion include--

1. The rising cost of Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for Teera, Clubs and members are high on the concerned list and AERA are continually negotiating with insurance companies for our best outcome. To offset these costs some fees are now charged by event rather than once per year ie user pay.

2. Where do your membership fees go???

3. What benefits do you get for your membership payments???  Can these be reduced???

4. How much does Teera subsidise riders or Clubs at the moment?

5. How best to utilise Teera accumulated funds??? Suggestions of porta-loos, ride trailer

6.  Annual awards--- What do members want and how much to spend??

7.  On-line /Direct banking. Teera have progressed with this and Roger has done a great job to get it up and running. Open for questions etc


Please advise Teera Secretary of other matters you would like discussed so an agenda can produced prior to the meeting.


Pat Hodgetts,