Notes from March TEERA meeting

  1. There are some members who are yet to pay the balance of the PA insurance. If this is not addressed you may be prevented from entering rides. Contact Pat Lamprey before she has to contact you!!
  2. TQ17 Tasmanian Team - Expressions of Interest are invited for Tas riders to nominate for consideration to be a member ofthe TQ17 Tasmanian State team.  Nominations close on 30th April.
  3. Reminder to all Ride Organisers and Clubs that it is their responsibility to provide their own digital clocks (showing hours, minutes and seconds).
  4. 10,000 km Awards - Reminder to those eligible to apply for these awards to check with the AERA website for details of the process. AERA recognises that there are still errors in some of the totals. Contact Pam Shadbolt so she can sort some of these issues for you.
  5. Clarification of Rule 30.2. - There is no minimum weight for Lightweight riders. This means that there is no maximum weight for Lightweight riders either. However for Best Conditioned calculation themaximum weight allowedfor Lightweight riders is 72.9kg.
  6. There has been no response to the request for someone to write an article for the TQ17 Quilty Booklet. Does that mean that the TEERA members do not want this? I find it hard to believe. With outstanding success at TQ16 and other great achievements(perhaps a bit of embarrassing that our State Champs was won by a Victorian) there has got to be a story!
  7. TEERA have approved the addition of another ride in May. Check the details on the TEERA website calendar section.
  8. Mark Chopping of Forico attended the TEERA meeting. His advice was most welcome.  Importantly he emphasised that our Risk Management paperwork needs to expand . Debbie Grull has volunteered to work on this. Greg Henry is still our contact person for Forico matters.
  9. General reminder to all -hat horses may not leave the ride base until their Logbooks have been signed off by the head veterinarian and the ride secretary.