SMC Positions Notice

TEERA’s members are served by the State Management Committee or SMC. Its purpose is to manage the business and affairs of the Association.

The committee meets monthly by attendance at one or more venues, or from home. The locations are connected by electronic conferencing (currently audio only and internet dependent). In addition, there are frequent exchanges by email, electronic documents, Facebook group or by Facebook messaging.

The Committee works within the Rules of both TEERA and AERA.

There are ten SMC positions. They may be assisted by others, usually with specific responsibilities

Positions have a two-year tenure, usually resulting in five vacancies each year. This year, another becomes available due to the filling of a casual vacancy during 2019.

Six TEERA State Management Committee positions will become available next year.  Nominations will be called for later this year.

From those elected and those continuing into a second year, the positions of the officers of the association will have to be filled -

·         President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer

In addition, there are many other jobs covered by SMC members, though some of these may be outsourced to others:

  • Minutes and Agenda Secretary

  • Membership Registrar

  • Log-book and Horse Registration Registrar

  • AeraSpace database Registrar

  • AERA delegate (x 2)

  • Chief Steward Liaison

  • TPR Registrar and Liaison

  • Horse Welfare Officer

  • Webmaster (including on-line ride entries)

  • Facebook Moderator (several)

  • Equipment Officer

  • Risk Management Advisor

  • Child Protection Advisor

  • Timing Equipment Manager

  • Ride Organising Committees Liaison

  • New Rider Mentor

  • Publicity Officer

  • Public Officer

Information on the general duties and responsibilities of  sports management committees can be found here

TEERA needs people with the necessary interest, time and abilities.  Being comfortable with, and having access to, electronic documentation and communication is essential. Those with business, regulatory or administration experience would be particularly welcome.


More information is available on request via