It has become necessary to change how riders who are not full members enter a ride – usually known as Day Membership.

This is an AERA requirement, to fit in with the accounting system. It will bring TEERA in line with all other D.A.s

The new protocols will be in place in time for the next ride – the Jolly Lette Memorial at Santarena Park on 24th August 2019.

In summary, to enter a ride a non-member will need to:

1.       Complete a reduced Day Membership application form – primarily the waiver signed by full members. This form can be downloaded and completed in advance (preferable) or at the ride.

2.       Complete the on-line Ride Entry or enter by phone.

3.       Present at the ride as now but with the completed form and the ‘Day membership’ fee, in addition to the ROC’s ride fee, as cash or cheque.

The fee will be $20 for all Day Riders, adult and junior.  The $20 will not be redeemable against later full membership. (Anybody who has already paid the current ‘Day Member’ fee and not yet redeemed it will be able have full membership at the reduced charge).

The $20 will cover the necessary public liability insurance and contribute to the significant overheads incurred by TEERA, as do full members through their annual payment.

The ROC will report the number of Day Riders on the revised Ride Returns form and forward the collected Day Rider payments along with other Ride Returns.


The Dangerous Activity Acknowledgment & Waiver on the Day Membership application form must also be signed by your Parent or Guardian.

The Parent/Guardian Declaration on the Ride Entry form must also be signed by your Parent or Guardian.


If your Parent/Guardian will not be at the ride you must download and have them complete AERA Form 36 - Junior Rider Parent/Guardian Declaration. This will replace the Declaration on the Ride Entry form.