Planned Introduction to Endurance Day

When - 9.00 a.m. 23 February 2019

Where - Pat & Dicky Lamprey’s property, Smith & Others Road, Sassafras

Organiser and Contact - Rebecca Ainslie - 0428 286 699 (Please contact Rebecca if there’s other topics you’d like to know more on. Hang back if you have queries on arrangements. A bit more to do on these yet.)

What is to be covered

  • Type of horse and correct age

  • Training - when to start - how much - how consistent

  • What tack is appropriate

  • Saddle fitting, different saddles for demo... some relaxation techniques.

  • rugging horse and rider

  • Feeding... pre, during and post..... banned substances

  • Hoofcare, shoes or barefoot?

  • What to pack

  • Getting to camp horse declaration forms

  • Setting up appropriate yards and camp

  • Pre entry

  • Vet process

  • Pre ride briefing

  • Starting the ride

  • Etiquette during the ride

  • Across the finish

  • Strapping process

  • Vetting process post ride

  • Vetting horse possibly most common complications

  • What to have in basic first aid kit

  • Costs

  • Entry fee

  • Membership

  • Insurance

  • TEERA and AERA website info